You fly by plane and look for the mostfavourable option to park your car safely at the airport at an affordableprice? You can stop looking and keep your car while you travel safely at ourguarded parking facility operating since 2005.

Be our frequent traveller and we shall returnyour loyalty with benefits. Forthis amount several supplementary services are available for you: online reservationand payment, surveillance by camera and live personnel, free of charge transferto the airport and back, blacktop parking lot, excellent conditions and walletfriendly prices, refreshment at the hotel bar. Ask our staff for an individual offer at any of the contact pointsprovided if you intended to keep your car safely at our parking facility forover 30 days or you wanted to park over 5 cars as a group.

Reserveyour parking lot at the airport in our online reservation system for your tripto Budapest torender your travel even more comfortable! You can reserve in four easy stepsand it will be confirmed by e-mail within a couple of minutes.